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should you fear the unknown?

A quick word on how to brace for the ever-changing world

Let’s face it – we have no idea what awaits us in the future. We agree that it can be quite a stress load for employers. How do you keep your business continuity and relevance? Well, the answer is astonishingly obvious: by investing in your people in the right way. By arming them with fluency in what is now known as Future Skills – the key to unlocking innovative potential and a sea of possibilities.

Change Forward

The tools and tasks

We’ve done the research for you and there are two main things you can offer your employees to keep them motivated, effective and happy:

  • Invest in their future skills such as communication, flexible cognition or emotional intelligence
  • Take thorough and thought-through care of their work-life balance

(We can also back this up with more research showing that this is enough to fast track your business to 2050 🙂 )

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interested, but not convinced?

check out this quick guide to our take on future-skills

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future skills

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critical thinking

work-life balance mentoring

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what we can do for you

Future-proof your workplace

We specialize in training in a full immersion, innovative way, both online and on-site.

We’ve also got a thing or two to say about personal branding on the job market.

future skills

Choose the whole batch or choose just one, but make sure your employees get to know them

work-life balance

Make sure your mid and senior-level managers have enough and know how to implement it in their teams

wlb audit

Are you doing enough? Check with our company-wide Work-life Balance audit and implement necessary changes

understanding poland

There’s more to it than pierogi and ice swimming. Help your international employees understand Poland as a workplace

From Our Founder Natalia Florek

Make Your Own Opportunities

Corporate manager turned freelancer turned start-up CEO, all within a very busy and atypical year (2020 – you guessed it!), I learned the hard way that there is no blueprint for reacting to change on the job market. So I decided to create it myself and here I am to share it with you to help future-proof your business by training and mentoring your employees.

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